This recipe for Air Fryer Chili Cheese Tots combines rich chili, oozy melted cheese, and perfectly crispy tater tots for a simple yet filling meal.

Instructions for Storage and Reheating:

 These air fryer-friendly chili cheese tater tots reheat quickly and store nicely.

IN THE Fridge: 

Keep leftovers fresh for up to four days by sealing them in container. NOT SO GREAT FOR FREEZINGThis recipe isn’t worth freezing.

Instructions for reheating:

Remaining food can be reheated by placing it on parchment paper sheet and heating it to 350°F.


  1. 16-ounce tater tots
  2. cooking oil, salt, and pepper according to taste
  3. one cup of chili
  4. Half a cup of shredded cheese


  • Spread out an even layer of frozen tater tots in the air fryer basket to start. Though they cannot overlap, the tots can touch.
  • Season them to taste with salt and pepper after lightly misting them with cooking oil.
  • For five minutes, air fried the tater tots at 400°F.
  • Toss the tots to ensure equal, crispy grilling by opening the basket and shaking them. Once the tots are golden and crisp, air fry them for an additional five to seven minutes.
  • After taking them out of the basket, place the tater tots aside.
  • After that, give the basket a thorough cleaning and line it with paper air fryer liners, silicon baskets, or parchment paper.
  • Re-place the tater tots in the lined basket and add shredded cheese and warm chili on top.
  • The cheese should be melted and bubbling after 5 minutes of air fry time at 350°F.


  • For this dish, I use frozen potato tots from Ore Ida.
  • Use up leftover chili with this tasty recipe. To ensure that everything cooks evenly, warm it up before pouring it over the tater tots.
  • Make sure the parchment paper stays away from the upper heating components if you use it.


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