Air Fryer Egg Cups

Air Fryer Egg Cups

Egg Cups made with air fryers. How to air fry your preferred egg cup fillings in silicone molds. This is my comprehensive guide to all the information you could possible need to make egg cups in an air fryer.


  1. 40 g of leftover meat,
  2. 6 cherry tomatoes,
  3. and ¼ green pepper
  4. Four sizable eggs
  5. One teaspoon of dried garlic
  6. Two teaspoons of basil, salt, and pepper


  1. 3 tablespoons milk Kitchen gadgets:

Instructions for Air Fryer

  • Chop your stuffing finely on a cutting surface. Ensure that your silicone molds are dry and clean.
  • Beat the eggs in a jug until thoroughly beaten. Finally, add your seasonings and use a fork to blend.
  • Pour the egg mixture over the chopped egg cup fillings that you have placed inside the silicone molds. Gently place the silicone molds onto the grill pan of the air fryer. Adjust the temperature to 180°C/360°F and set the timer for 12 minutes on your air fryer.


  • milk. Add a little milk to the beaten egg to give your air fryer egg cups a quiche-like flavor. This will also yield a lot more egg cups!
  • WW. Based on zero point foods, the dish above is suitable for Weight Watchers dieters.
  • Meat. Anything prepared that you can thinly dice should be used for meat. I air-fried some leftover WW chicken patties after cutting off a small portion. You may substitute rotisserie chicken, cooked bacon, ham, breakfast sausage, etc.
  • We appreciate you viewing our Recipe This recipe for air-fried egg cups. You should check out a ton more of our air fryer recipes after this one. But I suggest you try our frozen sausages from the air fryer next if you’re looking for more simple breakfast alternatives.

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