air fryer ranch goldfish snack mix

air fryer ranch goldfish snack mix

This is one of the greatest snack mixes for kids—perfect for the beach, camping, or after-school snack! Air Fryer Ranch Goldfish Snack Mix.

  1. Two cups of Goldfish crackers
  2. One cup of pretzel twists and Goldfish pretzels
  3. One cup of optionally toasted almonds
  4. Melted three teaspoons of butter
  5. Two tsp ranch spice blend, taste and adjust
  6. One tsp of Worcestershire sauce
  7. One-half teaspoon of powdered garlic


  1. Melted butter, ranch seasoning mix, Worcestershire sauce, and garlic powder should all be thoroughly mixed together in a big basin.
  2. To the bowl containing the ranch mixture, add the Goldfish crackers, pretzel twists, and almonds. Toss gently until the spice is equally distributed across all of the pieces.
  3. The amount of time needed to cook the snack mix in batches will depend on how big your air fryer is. Fill the air fryer basket with a single layer of mix, making sure there is room for air to circulate.
  4. For approximately 4-6 minutes, air fry the snack mix at 250 degrees Fahrenheit (120 degrees Celsius), shaking the basket halfway through to guarantee even frying. The mixture ought to be toasty and heated.
  5. Before serving, let the snack mix cool for a few minutes. This will aid in the flavours solidifying and the mix reaching its ideal crunch.



Achieving that right crunch and flavour balance are key components of the ideal Air Fryer Ranch Goldfish Snack Mix. To guarantee that your snack mix tastes great every time, follow these expert tips:

  • Even Coating: Ensure that the melted butter, Worcestershire sauce, and ranch seasoning are combined in an even layer. This guarantees that each component of your snack mix receives an equal amount of the coating’s rich flavour.
  • Shake Gently: Halfway through cooking, give the air fry basket a gentle shake. This aids in redistributing the pieces so that there are no soft or overly toasted areas and that everything cooks evenly.
  • Keep an Eye on the Cooking Time: Since the power of air fryers varies, make sure to check your snack mix earlier than the recipe directs. The idea is to lightly roast the ingredients without scorching them.
  • Let It Cool: Before serving, let the snack mix cool somewhat. The flavours and texture of the mixture are further solidified and made crisper by cooling.
  • Storage Is Key: If you cannot resist eating your snack mix all in one go, store it in an airtight container. This preserves its savoury flavours and keeps it crisp and fresh for up to a week.
  • As they say, “variety is the spice of life.” Feel free to try with other items. Nuts, cereal bits, or little pretzel chunks can give texture and flavour new depths.
  • Season to Taste: Feel free to reduce the amount of ranch seasoning if you want stronger flavours. If the recommended amount isn’t strong enough for your snack mix, add extra after tasting it.
  • Choose Your Nuts: Nuts can have their flavour enhanced and crunch added if they are roasted before being added to the mixture. Just make sure that before combining them with the other ingredients, they have cooled fully.
  • Use Parchment Liners: You may want to use perforated parchment liners in the air fryer basket to make cleanup simpler. They don’t impede airflow and stop sticking.
    Keep an eye on Freshness: If you’re using items from previously opened packages, such pretzels or almonds, make sure they’re still fresh and haven’t gone stale because this will change the flavour of your snack mix as a whole.

You can become an expert at creating this Air Fryer Ranch Goldfish Snack Mix with these professional tips, transforming a basic snack into a gourmet delight suitable for any setting.

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