Bread in 5 Ingredients

Hello! Today I baked delicious bread. I don’t buy bread anymore! I bake my own bread. Simple recipes help me bake bread every day.

My grandfather taught me how to bake German bread. My grandfather was right. It’s quick and easy. Baking bread is easy. How do you make bread? Today we are preparing a recipe for German bread. Bread in 5 minutes! That is possible! Practical recipes will help you with this.

Ingredients For White bread recipe

  1. 1 tbs Sugar
  2. 450 ml olukewarm water (cold water works too, but the dough will rise more slowly). However, avoid using hot water as this could kill the yeast.
  3. 1 tablespoon granulated yeast (you can use any type of yeast, including non-granulated fresh cake yeast and those labelled as instant, “quick,” rapid rise, bread machine, or active dry).
  4. two tbs  salt
  5. 600 gram of wheat flour (regular supermarket flour was used in the recipe’s testing). Check here to see if the flour you use has more protein.


  1. Take a bowl pour lukewarm water add one tbs yeast and sugar
  2. Mix well and cover and let rest for five mins.
  3. 600 gramm flour sift through a sieve.This is necessary to make the bread softer.
  4. Mix the dough with spatula or dough wisker.
  5. cover the dough in air tight container and let it rise in a warm place for 3 hours.
  6. The dough rose well.
  7. Let the air out with spatula.
  8. Be sure air was out again cover and leave in a warm place for another 40 mins.
  9. after that collect the dough with spatula.
  10. sprinkle parchment paper with flour.
  11. transfer the dough
  12. dust some flour on the top.
  13. gently pull the edge of the dough toward the center.
  14. Transfer the dough into baking dish or glass mold.(i use glass mold).
  15. mae a cut.
  16. cover with a lid and bake at 220 degree c(428 F) for 25 mints.
  17. after that take out covered dough from the oven and remove the lid.And Bake at 220 C(480 F) for another 30 minutes.The Bread is Ready.its very yummy and crispy.



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