Easy Two-Egg Dish Recipe

Easy Two-Egg Dish Recipe


  1. two eggs
  2. One tablespoon of sugar, 10 grams
  3. A small amount of salt Cooking oil


Getting the Eggs Ready:

  • After cracking the eggs into a bowl, gently whisk or use a fork to beat them.
    Incorporating sweetness:
  • Add a small sprinkle of salt and sugar to the beaten eggs. Mix thoroughly until the sugar is dissolved.
  • Pour a tiny bit of cooking oil into a pan that has been heated to medium heat.
    Transfer the beaten eggs into the pan.
    Preparing the Eggs:
  • Let the eggs simmer for a little while without moving until the edges begin to firm.
    The uncooked egg should flow to the sides as you carefully move the cooked edges with a spatula into the middle.
    Keep doing this until the eggs are mostly set and cooked, but
  • a little wet on top yet.
  • Transfer the scrambled eggs to a platter.
    Have fun:
  • For a quick and easy dinner, serve these tasty, soft, and simple eggs!

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