Jiffy Cornbread in an Air Fryer

How to use an air fryer for cornbread. The cornbread fried in the air fryer tastes fantastic, and it’s incredibly simple to make and clean up after.

Items Included:

  1. 1 box of Jiffy Cornbread Mix
  2.  1 large egg
  3. 80 ml semi-skimmed milk


  1. All of the ingredients should be combined in a basin and worked with a hand mixer until the mixture resembles thick cornbread batter.
  2. Transfer the cornbread mixture into a circular silicone baking pan.
  3. Put the cake pan inside the air fryer and cook it at 180 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes.
  4. When the cornbread is cool, take it out of the silicone mould and cut it into pieces for serving.lowering in temperature.


If your cornbread seems to require a little more time, leave it in the air fryer after it beeps; it will take an hour for it to complete cooking. You may also keep your cornbread warm with this way.


Ways To Prepare Jiffy Cornbread Outside Of An Oven?

Using an air fryer is the best way to cook Jiffy cornbread without using an oven. Using an air fryer, you can bake in the same manner as you would in a traditional oven.

Additionally, you can save money by using an air fryer instead of an oven because it doesn’t require preheating.

Plus, you can get some of these incredible silicone cake rounds to air fry cornbread, and you won’t need to scrub them clean afterward.

Is It Possible to Add Buttermilk to Jiffy Cornbread Mix?

It is possible to add buttermilk to cornbread mix, and the result is even more delicious cornbread.

You can also achieve excellent results by substituting half and half (single cream) for the milk. Just play about with what ingredients you have in.



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