Make This Cake Every Day A Simple Yet Delicious Recipe

Make This Cake Every Day A Simple Yet Delicious Recipe

Imagine biting into a fluffy, delicious cake that melts in your tongue with each bite. It sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Prepare to taste just that with this amazing cake recipe. This cake, which is made using common cupboard ingredients, is not only very tasty but also quite simple to make. Let’s go into the specifics of making this cake, which will quickly become a favorite treat of yours.


  1. 1 egg
  2. 200 milliliters of milk
  3. 200 grams of sugar
  4. Two heaping spoonfuls of honey
  5. 300 grams of wheat and one big scoop of oil
  6. One tiny tsp baking powder

Regarding the glazing:

  • To complete, add 250 g of butter
  • , 200 g of chocolate, little spoonfuls of milk,
  • and 250 g of coconut.

Creating the Dough

  1. Get the egg mixture ready by:
  • First, beat the egg until frothy, then add the sugar little by little until it melts and combines to produce a creamy mixture.
  • Add wet ingredients (such as: Mix everything thoroughly after adding the oil and honey to the egg mixture.
  • Add flour and milk. Pour the milk in gradually while continuing to stir. After adding all of the milk, gradually stir in the flour and baking powder mixture until a smooth batter resembling pancakes is achieved.

Setting Up the Glaze


This cake has an additional layer of pleasure thanks to the icing. This is how to achieve it: Chocolate should be melted by cutting it into small pieces and adding a few tablespoons of milk to a saucepan over the fire.

Add butter: After the chocolate begins Add the butter and whisk to melt, making sure everything is thoroughly blended.

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It’s time to bake the cake now that the glaze and dough are prepared:

Warm up the oven: Aim for 160 degrees Celsius in your oven.
Prepare the cake: Transfer the ready dough onto a baking tray covered with parchment paper, making sure it is uniformly distributed. Bake for about 20 minutes, or until the cake is well cooked and golden brown.

Cake Decorating

It’s time to give your cake the final touches once it has baked:

  • Slice: After letting the cake cool down a little, cut it into smaller, rectangular pieces.
  • Cover in chocolate glaze: Every cake slice  should be dipped in the ready-made chocolate glaze until completely covered.
  • Coat with coconut: For a lovely touch, roll the chocolate-coated cake pieces in shredded coconut.
    Getting the Cake Served

Your cake is ready to be served once it has been exquisitely decorated:

To remove extra chocolate, place the adorned cake slices on a wire rack and let the excess drip off.
Have fun: Present your delectable cake pieces and savor each exquisite morsel!
Why This Particular Recipe?
Perhaps you’re wondering what makes this cake recipe unique. For the following reasons,

  • Simple ingredients: This cake may be made without any fancy ingredients. Simple pantry essentials alone.
  • Simple to create: This cake is so easy to prepare that even inexperienced bakers can master it with these clear directions.
  • tasty outcomes: This cake is really tasty and simple, yet it tastes bound to a maze everybody who tries it

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