Store Creamed Chipped Beef on Toast

How To Store Creamed Chipped Beef on Toast

  • Any remaining creamed chipped beef sauce can be stored in the fridge for up to four days. You’ll also want to store the toast or biscuits separately from the gravy to prevent it from turning into soggy mush

How to Present Toast with Creamed Chipped Beef

  • For their chipped beef, many people like to serve thick, golden slices of buttered Texas toast; however, you can also serve the gravy over warm buttermilk biscuits.
  • The rich creamed chipped beef white sauce can be prepared ahead of time, though this recipe is best served immediately after preparation. All you need to do is reheat the skillet and toast the Texas toast slices when it’s time to serve at the table.


  1. 1 pound of mildly flavored breakfast sausage
  2. Garlic powder, half a teaspoon
  3. Salt and pepper to taste; if desired, substitute cajun spices like Tony Satcheries for the salt and pepper.
  4. three cups of milk
  5. one-third cup of all-purpose flour
  6. Homemade or store-bought biscuits (if preparing biscuits and gravy)


  1. After crumbling the sausage, add it to a frying pan.
  2. Sausages should be fried until they are well cooked.
  3. After removing the sausage from the pan, set it aside.
  4. Keep the sausage’s fat and oil in the pan.
  5. While continuously whisking to remove any lumps, add the flour.
  6. Next, add the garlic powder, salt, and pepper for seasoning. Thoroughly combine the components.
  7. Stir in beef and cayenne; cook until warmed through. Serve over toast.


  • Add some finely chopped fresh herbs, like parsley, chives, and thyme, to the gravy.
  • If you want to kick up the heat in your gravy, spices like cayenne, rosemary, sage, and smoked paprika are fantastic.
  • You can substitute sausage links (without the casings) for the bulk sausage in this recipe.
  • Use either full or 2% milk for the greatest consistency. For gluten-free variation, use Gluten Free Flour instead of ordinary flour

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