Taco Shells In Air Fryer

Taco Shells In Air Fryer With no hassle or mess from heated oil in a skillet, enjoy crispy taco shells made with this recipe for air-fried taco shells. These are the ideal addition for a quick dinner or for taco night!

This is a great, easy recipe for taco shells. Tacos that are hot, fresh, and crispy and ready in under five minutes are just amazing.

SET UP TIME: Three minutes    COOK TIME: Four minutes
Serve: 4 Calories: 88 Kcal

Ingredients For Taco Shells In Air Fryer:

  • Four tortillas made of corn
  • One spoonful of avocado or olive oil


Instructions For Taco Shells In Air Fryer:

  • Lightly brush both sides of each tortilla with oil using a pastry brush.
  • Cover the taco mould with the shell. Fill the air fryer basket with mould. If you don’t have the moulds, you can cover the tortillas while they cook by creating little tents out of aluminium foil.
  • For 4-6 minutes, air fried at 400 degrees Fahrenheit until crisp and golden. (Verify after two minutes as the tortilla might move due to the fan.)
  • Top with your preferred toppings.

Recipe By: AirfryerFoodie

Observations and Notes:

  1. Extra Optional Taco Toppings: homemade coleslaw, diced tomatoes, salsa, chopped onion, creamy guacamole, nacho cheese, sour cream, hot sauce, layer of favourite cheese, fresh squeeze of lime or lemon.
  2. Favourite optional taco fillings include crispy fried fish, charred Portobello mushrooms, grilled carne asada, black beans, and spiced ground beef.
  3. Substitutions: If you don’t have any bottled oils, use nonstick, avocado, or olive oil cooking spray. You can use flour tortillas for the corn if you’d rather; just be sure to alter the cooking time so they crisp up.
  4. Keep in mind that the size and thickness of your taco shells may affect the cooking time, so be sure to watch them closely. Savour those crunchy taco shells!
Nutrition Facts:

ENERGY Calories: 88 kcal, 12g of carbohydrates, 1g of protein, 4g of fat, One gram of saturated fat 1g of polyunsaturated fat 3g of monounsaturated fat 12 milligrams of sodium 48 milligrams of potassium 2g of fibre 0.2g of sugar One IU of vitamin A 21 mg of calcium, Iron: 0.3 mg

Taco shells cooked in an air fryer to get that crispy texture without deep frying. Enjoy!!!


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