Grandma’s Recipe Donut Delight Without Breaking the Bank

Grandma’s Recipe: Donut Delight Without Breaking the Bank

Are you sick and weary of blowing your budget on donuts from the store? I have a recipe from my sage sixty-year-old grandmother that will transform your doughnut experience, so bid adieu to that expenditure. Prepare yourself for a delicious experience that won’t break the bank!


First, assemble these basic components:

  1. One 200 ml glass of warm water
  2. One 200 ml glass of warm milk
  3. One tea glass (100 ml) of oil
  4. two white eggs
  5. One 10-gram packet of instant yeast
  6. 40 grams, or two teaspoons, of sugar
  7. Six cups (740 grams) of flour
  8. One teaspoon (eight grams) of salt

Regarding the filling:

  1. 125 grams of butter that has melted
  2. One hundred and fifty grams of white cheese
  3. To apply a finishing touch:
  4. two yolks from eggs

Creating the Dough

Now let’s get started

the procedure for creating dough:

First, combine the liquids. In a kneading basin, begin by adding warm water and warm milk. Pour the oil into the mixture after separating the egg whites.

Adding the Dry Ingredients in Step 2 Then, incorporate the sugar and instant yeast into the liquid mixture. Mix until the yeast and sugar are all dissolved.

Step Three: Adding Flour Stirring constantly, gradually add the flour to the mixture. Remember to season with a little salt for taste.

Step Four: Using a Kneading motion Knead the dough until it is pliable and does not stick to your hands after all the ingredients have been mixed. Once it has doubled in size, cover and let it to ferment.

Let’s now make the delectable filling:

A Delicious Recipe Fit for Any Event
First, melt the butter. Butter should be melted until it’s creamy and smooth.

Step 2: Cheese Incorporated Evenly scatter the white cheese on top of the rolled-out dough.

Putting Together
Now is the moment to integrate everything:

First Step: Spreading the Dough After rolling out the dough, evenly coat it with melted butter.

Step 2: Inserting Top the butter with the cheese filling.

Making Baking
Now let’s prepare these lovely treats:

Step 1: Baking preparation For a golden finish, brush the completed donuts with egg yolks.

Step 2: Cooking Place them in an oven that has been set to 190 degrees Celsius and bake them until they become golden brown.

Serving After taking them out of the oven, let them to cool down a little before serving.

Warm these delicious donuts with a cup of tea or coffee.

In summary
These simple-to-follow instructions will allow you to make excellent and reasonably priced handmade donuts. Bid adieu to packaged sweets and welcome to your new favorite homemade treat.

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