How to Make Toast in Air Fryer

How to Make Toast in Air Fryer

How to make Ninja Foodi toast or toast in an air fryer! This is the ideal method for perfectly browned bread for breakfast if you don’t have a toaster.

Which bread kind works best for toast?

For me, Sara Lee’s Artisan slices are my favourite since they are thick. It is excellent for french toast and this, but it isn’t that much more expensive than any other bread or loaves. I’d suggest getting a smaller loaf if you like sourdough; otherwise, it won’t fit well and you’ll have to cut it in half.
For How Long Does an Air Fryer Toast Bread?
You may prepare this utilising the air crisp feature if, like us, you own a pressure cooker and an air fryer. To make this, you would close the connecting lid. Only about 2 slices will fit in the small round basket that comes with it but since they are done quickly you could make multiple batches quickly.

you lay out everything on your kitchen island so each person can dress it up as they like. Just lay out and offer;

  • Honey butter
  • Different types of jellies
  • Avocado spread
  • Slices of various cheeses
  • Peanut butter and jam

Make a batch of eggs too if people want to top some protein on it.

Toast with cheese cooked in an air fryer:

In terms of temperature, you would adhere to the same recommendations. Although it works great too, I’ve also reduced to 380 for two minutes; at 400, you only need one minute. Spread some butter on one side and place a slice of readily melted cheese—such as packaged, wrapped Kraft cheese slices—atop.

Toast Bread In Air Fryer

Daughter #2 is making it herself, as you can see. My girls love cooking now that they are adolescents, especially if they don’t have to ask for directions. 😉 I’ve included a printable recipe card below in case you want to have it close at hand, but I’ll also include a brief step-by-step below.

  • The ideal setting for your air fryer is a 5-minute, 400°F warm up.
  • We like to use room temperature salted butter to butter the bread pieces on both sides.
  • Next, arrange the bread slices within in a single layer that does not overlap.
  • Shut the basket drawer of the air fryer and cook for
    We think this is the ideal toast for us—cook for two minutes for gently toasted toast, or for three minutes for crispy browned toast.


In an air fryer, cinnamon toast:

This will function similarly whether you enjoy Sun Maid or Cinnabon sultana bread as well. To make it lovely and moist, I would absolutely spread butter on top before adding that. For this technique, slightly underdone and not very crispy is preferable. I’d say stick to 2 minutes since the pieces are slightly smaller and you want fruit inside to be tender.



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