Trick for Foolproof Fluffy Eg

Martha Stewart Has a Trick for Foolproof Fluffy Eggs


Serving your beautifully fluffy eggs with some decadent accompaniments is advised by this recipe, in typical Martha style. She advises prosciutto, smoked fish, soft or hard cheeses, or crème fraiche. You could even cook up few strips of bacon or serve the eggs with some plain buttered bread to 

keep your meal really simple.

At KCM, we think Martha Stewart has immense influence. She is, after all, a style icon, known for her renowned cuisine, opulent table settings, and astute attitude to business that is both carefree and methodical. She is a well-known celebrity chef who has authored about a hundred books and is a fixture on television. Despite all of this, she finds time to routinely work with Snoop Dogg to put together some of our favourite tasty, healthy meal kits. Our well-stocked pantries and sophisticated dinner party arrangements are the richer for having followed her for decades.

Naturally, we were all ears when Martha shared her handy and easy egg hack with us. After all, even if we break and fry a tonne of eggs, our scrambles occasionally come out dense, rubbery, and uninteresting. Nothing is worse than a breakfast that appears to be low-effort but ultimately necessitates emergency assistance.


  1. Three big eggs
  2. One spoonful of butter
  3. Parmesan cheese and prosciutto, for serving (optional)
  4. Serve with smoked salmon, capers, and crème fraiche (optional).
  5. Sun-dried tomatoes and chevre cheese, to serve (optional)


  1. Crack eggs into a medium-sized bowl and mix with a whisk. Transfer to a large heat-resistant porcelain pitcher and mix in butter.
  2. To cook eggs uniformly, submerge the steam wand of an espresso machine into the pitcher, release the steam, then move the pitcher up, down, and side to side for about 30 seconds.
  3. Garnish right away with preferred toppings.


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